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Domain name registration

We can offer various domain names.
Each domain name can be easily linked to a hosting package, on which a website can be displayed.

In table below lists the most common applications.

Would you like to register another extension? Please contact us.

.be€ 9,95
.biz€ 12,50
.ch€ 14,95
.co€ 29,95
.co.uk€ 9,95
.com€ 12,50
.de€ 9,95
.es€ 14,95
.eu€ 9,95
.fm€ 89,95
.fr€ 19,95
.in€ 19,95
.info€ 12,50
.it€ 14,95
.live€ 24,95
.me€ 19,95
.mobi€ 19,95
.net€ 12,50
.nl€ 7,95
.nu€ 34,95
.org€ 12,50
.pl€ 29,95
.to€ 72,50
.tv€ 29,95
.us€ 12,50
.ws€ 19,95
.xyz€ 12,50

All prices quoted are per annum, subject to change and exclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated.